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The e-commerce business space is a virtual marketplace. Before buying any product online, all that a customer gets to see is an image of that product. Customers never get to touch or see a product in person, making product photography the most important aspect of selling your products online. The quality of an image is the predominant and, most often, the deciding factor in a buyer’s mind. E-commerce juggernauts and online shopping websites have a complex algorithm at work that you could use to your advantage to boost the sales of your products. Although these algorithms are intricate, one of the aspects of these algorithms that you could work on is product photography. Quality possesses the potential to increase the viewership of your product and consequently boost its sales. Let’s delve into some of the finer aspects of professional product photography for Amazon.
Product photography requirements
For making your products stand out on your website, you need to adhere to their guidelines and meet their specific requirements. Besides, it would be of great help to hire experts for who can work on and include the following points in your product photos:-
1. The entire focus ought to be on the main product, which should be displayed without a distracting background or additional objects.
2. The photograph must display the entire item in even light such that no parts of the product remain hidden.
3. The full product ought to be inside the image frame, filling at least 85% of it (for certain products, it must be 100%).
4. The background of the image has to be pure white.
5. Do not include any additional graphics or text.
6. The photograph must have professional quality lighting, colors, focus, and edges.
7. After the main product image, some additional images can be uploaded, either focusing on certain parts of the product or showing the product in use.
Some of the specific technical requirements of most websites are as follows:-
1. The images should strictly be in TIFF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG format.
2. Images having pixel dimensions of at least 1000, either in height or in width, are preferred.
3. The color modes must be either sRGB or CMYK.
Factors to consider while choosing the best product photography agency
Product photography agencies are a dime a dozen nowadays. Finalizing one may be difficult. Here’s how you can go with the best agency and reap its benefits. Opt for an agency that complies with all the website photography rules and mandatorily adheres to all the aforementioned requirements. Besides, it should have a fast turn-around time so that you do not have to wait too long for your product photographs. Reasonable pricing is another important factor in deciding who to hire. Always choose an agency that complies with all the product image requirements and also offers you competitive prices.
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