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OLD [KCH] Collective Campaign V1

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We are creating an international network where different actors (mainly NGOs, CSOs, CBOs, activists, creators, tech innovators and journalists) - who believe and push for social justice - learn about strategic comms in different contexts, exchange knowledge and provide citizenship with trustworthy and robust information about specific issues to shift minds in the media landscape.
The is a project that has been developed in many countries around the world: Germany, Spain, Albania, Ukraine, France, and now Kenya and South Africa.

The Kenya Comms Hub is proposed as a space where a diversity of actors collaborate towards strategic communication on media and social media to push positive evidence-based narratives around SRHR.

Through digital research we have found that NGOs trying to communicate about SRHR do not come out of their echo chambers, and that through collaboration with citizens we can get to push positive narratives about the benefits of sex education for young Kenyans to increase the social acceptance by Kenyan society and decrease the stigma around adolescent sexuality. Also to promote more frequent and appropriate conversations about SRH in families.

This space has been put together to facilitate learning, community building and collective action.
It is segmented into:
- A space where you get to share your thoughts, opinions, experiences around everything SRHR. Similar to physical cafe’s, meet like minded people and share away.
- Intended for specific thematic issues around SRHR. Our pioneer working group is on Sex Education. Other working groups will be created as we grow the Hub and member base.
PS: Conversations and call to actions in the working groups should be member-driven and member-led.
In case you know someone who would be interested in joining KCH, feel free to share this with them.
- Here, you will find resources around everything SRHR. This include guides, reports, toolkits, talks, etc. In case you have a resource that you think fellow actors in the space would benefit from, please , so that we can add it to the library.

Interested in viewing how we conceptualize our theory of change?.

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