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A playbook for getting your brand coverage.
Last Updated
August 25, 2021
Starting to think about a plan for announcing your latest round of funding? Checklist before you announce:
☑ Open positions posted
☑ Website up to date
☑ LinkedIn and other web presence up to date
☑ Investors contacted for their journalist network
☑ Press release drafted
Ready to re-think your brand, voice and gain visibility?
☑ Check out our PR Firm Recommendations, we can connect you to our companies who are clients for referrals
Need an expert to talk strategy with you and your team?
☑ Check out our PR Consultants who we’ve work with for many years
Looking for inspiration and contacts who might be interested in your story?
☑ Check out Recent Press coverage on companies in the 01A Family
☑ Ask us for an email intro to Journalists in Our Network
PR Firm Recommendations
Used by Honeybook to define a brand voice and generate visibility in the business press,.
We can introduce you to , Founder & CEO
Used by for PR and Brand Makeover
We can introduce you to , Managing Director
Salient PR
Used by for PR
We can introduce you to , Founder and CEO
The Ferraro Group
Used by for Series A funding announcement press release edits
We can introduce you to & , formerly Fior Partners and now recently merged with , known for big player clients like Apple and 3M, this firm is small and nimble and willing to work with you without an extensive contract and can usually offer more competitive pricing

PR Consultants
Expert in Comms was with us from 2010-2014 at Twitter, came from Google and has since worked for Vine, Dyson and as a Consultant in Communications, Positioning and Brand.
Expert in Comms and Public Affairs with us from 2012-2016 at Twitter, came from Google and has since worked for SoFi, Paradigm and as a Consultant and Advisor helping high-growth public and private companies define, refine, and express themselves, their values, and their impact through communications and public affairs strategies.

Journalists in our Network

Recent Press
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