Parental Benefits

Parental Benefits Overview👼🏻
For early stage companies, it is best to implement a short form parental leave policy that indicates roughly 8 weeks of paid leave and offers the same benefits for primary and secondary. You can keep this policy for 50+ employees after which 12-16 weeks would be good ranges for parental leave. The general trend is that the larger the company, the longer the leave policy, although max regardless of stage is 16 weeks even for recently public companies. There is a trend of companies with at least $30 million in revenue giving the same amount of parental leave to both caregivers.
Company Size
Parental Leave Policy
Same benefits for primary vs. secondary
No formal policy, the few that do offer 6-8 weeks.
No formal policy, the average for those that do is 6-12 weeks.
10-14 weeks
12-16 weeks
There are no rows in this table
Parental Support: Here are some of the ways to support your employees who are parents during this time:
Flexible Schedules & Policies
Allowing flexible work schedules upon returning for a given period of time.
Adjusting communication norms (i.e. parent offline from 4-5 PM, etc.).
Offering a stipend for food/meal delivery upon returning to work.
Having clear check-ins 30-60-90 days with the parent upon returning to ensure they are being supported as they come back to work.

Providing Space at the Office
It is very important to offer a designated area with a refrigerator and sink access for new mothers to pump in a safe, quiet room. Feel free to ask Kelly Kovacs ( for help on this if you don’t have a Head of People or OM to help you troubleshoot!
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