Chief of Staff

Job Description

Key Traits:
Ownership mindset: you’re 100% trustworthy and hold yourself accountable to executing on the commitments you’ve made to the team. You can step up and lead when a key, complex cross-functional initiative doesn’t have a clear owner.
No fear in embracing new content: you’re a lifelong learner and are comfortable leaning into unfamiliar domains. You’re proactive and willing to tap into your internal and external networks to get up to speed on any and all topics.
Approachable and fluent when building relationships: you lead with high EQ and intentionally practice empathy with all employees, ranging from entry level to senior leadership.
Effective at context switching: you can switch from administrative meetings (ex. how are we executing on our project plan?) to more strategic meetings (ex. how should we incorporate internal expansion into our go-to-market model?) throughout the day.
Displays courage: given your position, you have full access to the happenings of the business, and can subsequently spot the gaps. You can triage these issues effectively and surface them to your CEO and leadership team. You’re able to lay out clear expectations and deliver feedback when expectations aren’t met.
Collaborative & welcomes feedback: although you strive for independence in your day-to-day, you can effectively partner with your colleagues to drive the business forward. You’re willing to leverage your senior leadership team for direct feedback as you execute on strategic projects.
Drive Alignment and Accountability with exec leadership team:
Clear prioritization and ownership of company-level initiatives
Ensure CEO priorities and deliverables are clear; resolve issues early and often
Identify dependencies and track deadlines and milestones for exec leadership team
Ensure alignment across all departments
Processes & Scaling:
Streamline leadership processes and collaboration
Preparation & Facilitation of Leadership meetings and offsites
Build calendar of topics (recurring items that need to be brought up on weekly, monthly, yearly basis)
Set agendas and assist in preparing materials for upcoming meetings and offsites, based on company priorities
Facilitating the meetings to drive productive discussions and decisions
Own clarifying agenda objectives and follow-through on outcomes/decisions

Project Management:
While members of exec leadership team will own the majority of projects, some will require the CoS to drive on behalf of CEO.
Serve as point person for projects lacking ownership, reporting back to CEO as needed
Institutionalize “what makes a successful project” criteria for all major initiatives
Involvement in driving OKR and annual planning processes at exec leadership team level
Board of Directors:
Work with the leadership team and own and facilitate BOD meeting prep

Extension of CEO:
Follow up/Own projects directly commissioned by CEO (driving deadlines, next steps)
Support the needs of the exec leadership team by surfacing critical issues to CEO
Work with Internal Communications to ensure strategy, goals and priorities are communicated effectively and cascaded to the broader leadership

External Communications:
Act as a representative of the CEO in various forums - EBCs, customers, etc
Advise CEO/Fill Gaps
Driving discussion to decision, building decision-making frameworks
Advise CEO on priorities to ensure CEO time is leveraged most effectively
Partnership with CEO EA on CEO time management and meeting preparation
Required Skills
Expert Facilitator
Critical Thinker
High EQ
Master Generalist
Incredibly good at leading others towards outcomes
A vault - high ability to build deep trusting relationships with others while keeping a high degree of privacy
Ability to operate at 3,000 feet and in the weeds in a single moment
Detail orientated
Relationship building
8+ years in operations or similar role
Previous startup experience
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