EA Best Hiring Practices

EA Test

<Exercise 1>
Your executive is traveling to Thousand Oaks, CA. She needs a spot to eat lunch between there and her next meeting in Ventura, CA. The restaurant needs to accept reservations, have outdoor seating, and be close to 12pm, and they must have vegetarian options.
Include a screenshot of the reservation made for 2 ppl
Include a link to the restaurants website and/or google maps location
Include an explanation on why you chose this spot

<Exercise 2>
Please draft email responses to Suzy and the impacted stakeholders letting them know about the below situation.
It is the morning of an important investor call with the Tina (CEO) and Jim (CFO), and the investor, Suzy. Suzy emails you the following:
I’m so sorry but something urgent came up and we need to reschedule today’s call.
Thanks for understanding,
<Exercise 3>
Please provide a few scheduling options for a 60 minute meeting between the Executive Leadership Team to review and discuss the 2022 Budget. Draft the communications to the team and include an example of the calendar invite and description.
Important things to note:
CEO is on the east coast and works from 12-8pm ET
CBO, CTO, and CRO are all on pacific time
Blocks not marked as DNS or DNB can be moved around
1:1s can generally be moved if you ask attendees
All attendees have an EA who manages their calendar

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