You are hiring for a C-Suite EA, congrats! The right person can be absolutely life changing for both you and your team. To get into the right mindset, on how to really work with your EA.
Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start interviewing for this role:
Hiring Panel:
Include people that know you well, and know what you like
Be clear with the panel on different areas they can focus, a few examples:
CFO - questions around the board meeting preparation and facilitation best practices
HR - how do they work on teams, whats their experience with internal comms, dealing with sensitive situations such as firings, handling confidential information, etc
You - dig in on the style of work, how do they communicate, what motivates them, how much direction do they need when operating in the unknown - they need direction or are the comfortable working in
Be very honest with yourself on what type of person works best with you;
are you someone that doesn’t like to explain stuff in detail and just wants someone to figure it out - you need someone ultra flexible, used to working with little direction
will you partner with this person or do you think you will only lean on them as needed and not let them into your work? make sure the expectation is aligned.

Key Attributes of a C-Suite Executive Assistant:
Care deeply about the success of the executive & the company
Strong and confident verbal and written communication
Master of organization and creating efficient workflows
Track record of building trusting relationships with the team and the executive
Expertise in facilitating outcomes autonomously
Ability to operate at 3,000 feet and in the weeds in a single moment

Tactical Job Functions in the Role:
Mastery of calendar and email organization with great attention to detail
Keep executive focused on priorities on a daily, monthly, quarterly basis: evaluating how they are spending their time, creating better efficiencies of information flow, and time management
Coordinate internal and external meetings: team meetings, all hands, board meetings, off-sites etc
Assist with meeting preparation and slides, take minutes, prepare follow-up and action items
Collaborate amongst various roles within the company on special projects
Coordinate all travel arrangements, including: processing travel requests/changes, confirming reservations, compiling directions/itineraries, etc.
Handle all expense reimbursement

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